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Google updates its search engine to demote clickbait

Google will be making changes to its search engine rankings to promote original content over purely search engine optimized articles that fail to inform...

Hashtag Trending – Google releases ‘Speed Update’; Amazon opens Ottawa fulfillment centre; Musk’s ‘impractical’ contribution to the Thai soccer team rescue

A new update incorporates loading speed into Google’s search rankings. Amazon's planning a new Ottawa fulfillment centre that it says will create 600 jobs. And we tell you why Elon Musk ultimately didn’t contribute to this week’s dramatic rescue of a trapped soccer team.

Recruitment is marketing

Social media has changed how we carry out our day-to-day actions, from online shopping to banking - and even applying/recruiting for a job. Trying...

Six marketing tips every business owner should know in 2016

Change is a necessity. Some aspects of any business may stay the same, but marketing strategies will always fluctuate based on what the customer wants and how it's delivered to them through technology. These six marketing tips will allow you to stay informed going into 2016 about what can be expected and what changes need to be made.

4 ways you’re reaching international markets unintentionally

If you think you can be online without opening up your business to the international stage, here are four reasons to think again

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