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Just figured out cloud, mobile, and data? Well ‘Built Tech’ is your next challenge

Just when IT pros thought we had cloud, mobile, data and social figured out, we can now add built tech as the biggest challenge...

Something brewing in the cloud

Most people think craft beer goes well with foods such as oysters, sausages, burgers, and wings. For Robyn Warrier, a data acquisition specialist in...

Telus highlights IoT solutions for food industry at the RC Show

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming how businesses operate, and one Canadian telecommunications giant is using this connected technology to help improve the...

2016 IEEE innovation winner Chris Howard on transforming the enterprise

Kersplody co-founder outlines how IT departments can use the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer real-time interactive analysis and security throughout the organization

6 ways IoT enables innovation in the energy industry

In the upstream energy industry, how does the Internet of Things enable innovation? With lower cost solutions and increasing the volume of data, then making it available almost everywhere to almost everyone.

BlackBerry launches IoT platform

BlackBerry leverages QNX software to help enterprise organizations develop Internet of Things applications

B.C. smart meter program enters final stages

Smart meters represent one of the biggest opportunities for the Internet of things

Dell, Intel, Samsung, others form IoT consortium

Open Interconnect Consortium's first IoT specs will focus on systems for remotely controlling appliances with smart phones

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