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Surprise! Canadian security study shows fewer breaches

Telus and the Rotman School of Management release their fourth annual research, which shows a big drop in incidents but more targeted attacks. Plus: How to Province of Ontario is grappling with increasingly sophisticated malware

Canadian business coalition speaks out on copyright reform

The Conservative government's long-delayed copyright reform bill has hit yet another roadblock, this time in the form of a powerful business coalition comprised of corporate giants such as Google Inc., Yahoo Inc., Rogers Communications Inc. and Telus Corp.

Business coalition speaks out on copyright reform

Rogers, Telus, Google and others get behind an effort to change Industry Canada's mind about creating legislation that resembles the U.S. DCMA. Execs make the case for more consultation

System vulnerabilities being sold in online auctions

Online scammers turned entrepreneurs have found a new commodity to auction off: system and software vulnerabilities.

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