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7 top cybersecurity trends in 2022

The pandemic response has accelerated hybrid work and the digitalization of business processes in the cloud, both of which introduce new security challenges. These seven top cybersecurity trends will help security and risk management leaders evolve their roles to meet future challenges, and elevate standings within their organizations.

Security threats hinder SOA, hosted apps

More than half of companies worldwide defer implementation of service-oriented architecture and Web services-based apps because of security concerns, according to a survey by CA

a security consultant at eHosting DataFort

As security management patterns shift to meet industry trends, several Middle Eastern organizations have outsourced security to managed security service providers (MSSPs), with the goals of cutting costs and gaining access to skilled security staff.

On the road to CSO

Joyce Brocaglia, a founder and CEO of Alta Associates, an infosec recruiting company, answers readers' questions about CSO careers.

Cyber security gets physical

The traditional line between physical and cyber security is disappearing, according to Computer Associates International Inc.

Symantec set to announce Security Management System

Symantec Corp. is set to unveil a new network security management tool called Symantec Security Management System (SSMS) in an event scheduled for Oct. 1. The new product will provide customers with a holistic view of their network security.

IBM to buy ID software developer Access360

IBM Corp. is acquiring identity management software developer Access360, whose technology IBM plans to merge into its Tivoli portfolio of systems management software, the companies said Tuesday. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

SAML to simplify Web security integration

Internet travel reservations have become both a blessing and a bane for business travellers.

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