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Open-source lamp stacks fly with IBM Power8

Power systems has a proven legacy of providing reliable infrastructures to run demanding applications. The superior security of the Power8 server results in a...

Why vendors need ‘a kick in the pants’

Meet a consultant who has scorn for a number of ERP and supply chain software providers, and says CIOs shouldn't be completely tied to ROI

SaaS delivers quick and long-term ROI, Forrester says

Does software as a service deliver value in the short term or over the longer term? The answer seems to be yes.

How Analytics Bring Orgainizations Closer to Their Customers

Find out why collecting data from the myriad of platforms available is only half the battle. Learn how applying advanced analytics tools such as...

B2B integration: Synchronizing your value chain of suppliers, partners and customers

In B2B Integration, IBM introduces its Smarter Commerce approach, a SaaS cloud solution which overcomes the pain points of fragmented, disparate value chains, allowing...

SAP gets tough on violation of software use terms

Software giant is seeking huge back-fees from companies for claimed indirect access violations, analyst says

Travis Perkins deploys real time delivery management

The Jade Jump tracking and delivery system provides data to head office and customers. Geo-tagging has helped speed up the delivery process

AccuRev embeds PostgreSQL in updated development tool

The software development management technology vendor expands its reach into the enterprise market with version 5.2 that embeds a third-party open source database and offers a wider range of capabilities to large development teams

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