Articles Related to science fiction

Hashtag Trending – China’s using sunglasses to spy on people; 3D-printed homes for $10,000 USD; a new startup will preserve your brain

Beijing police are using AI-powered sunglasses to spy on people. A Texas company can 3D print a 650-square-foot cement home for $10,000 USD. And...

Microsoft’s ‘Future Visions’ sees sci-fi authors imagine future of Cortana, HoloLens, & more

Microsoft is highlighting the work of its research labs with a free ebook that invited some of today's most popular science fiction authors to write stories inspired by visits to Microsoft's labs.

The expectations set by ‘Back to the Future’ that CIOs are still trying to meet

The hit movie's sequel projected a future far different in some respects than the one we have today. That's a teachable moment for IT leaders

How Sci Fi teaches IT Ethics

Too often we view anyone that objects to our plans as an obstacle or a “risk to the project”. This is when we tend to snap into Sci Fi mode

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