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Upgrading to the future: A new standard in document scanning

Ours is a digital world. Smart and wearable tech — now generating tens of billions in annual sales — is transforming the way people work. Many...

Transforming the workplace with document scanning technologies

With the continuing focus on digital transformation in the workplace, why is there still so much paper on our desks? According to The World Counts,...

Canadian robotics firm in Costa Concordia salvage

A robotics firm based in Waterloo, Ont. is helping a multi-national salvage team haul away the 115,000 cruise ship Costa Concordia which ran aground...

Companies still dragging their feet with patches

Time hasn't improved the ability of organizations to patch their software. A vendor claims it still takes about a month for half of the world's computers to be fixed after a patch is issued, not much of a change over the last four years

Put RFID on front burner: Wal-Mart

The best way for Canadian manufacturers, distribution firms and retailers to wrap their collective, corporate heads around radio-frequency identification (RFID) is to start experimenting with the technology, according to a Wal-Mart Stores Inc. vice-president.

Jump into half-baked RFID cake

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) may not be perfect, but that

RFID will open World Cup soccer gates

If you're planning to attend the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in Germany next year but oppose the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) smart tag technology, you won't get past the front gate.

Hospital Centre ensures extended network security

Meeting the IT needs of two hospital centres located seven kilometres apart is the challenge facing the Verdun Hospital Centre

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