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Western Digital intros the WD VelociRaptor

Destined to become the new high-performance favorite of these groups, the WD VelociRaptor hard drive comes packed with twice the capacity and a 35 per cent performance increase over the previous generation

Dramatically increase your portable Mac’s power

Sure, you can upgrade other components, particularly the optical drive and, in some cases, the CPU. But RAM and hard-drive upgrades can both dramatically increase your laptop's usability, and both are doable for the average Mac owner.

Hitachi brings virtualisation to midrange systems

Hitachi Data Systems Corp. is offering advanced virtualization capabilities across its entire product line as a key prong in a full-scale assault on the midrange storage market. The announcement dovetails with the company

Reining in four AMD horses on a budget

Most applications for four-processor servers are heavy. Big databases and high-performance computing (HPC) implementations can make the most of the horsepower provided by the bigger iron, whereas lighter-weight tasks, such as Web serving, file serving and application servers, are best suited to dual-processor systems. Appro International Inc.

Storage will continue to evolve in 2004

Following the storage market is like watching a three-ring circus: It's never boring, but there's so much happening, it's easy to miss part of the action.

Storage vendors collaborate on new SCSI technology

Although Serial Attached small computer system interface (SCSI) disk drives and interfaces are not yet a reality, five disk drive manufacturers

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