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Why bringing SAS Viya onto Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a big deal

With files from Lynn Greiner. On Sept. 27, SAS officially brought its Viya analytics platform to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The service enables Azure customers...

AI and wine are not that different, says SAS’s director of AI ethics

At the SAS Innovate Roadshow, held in Toronto on Sept. 8, 2022, Reggie Townsend, director of AI Ethics at SAS, compared artificial intelligence's (AI’s)...

‘Digital Dust,’ and tracking the true costs of analytics in an increasingly paperless society

As we hurtle towards a paperless society, the trail of “digital dust” that companies and individuals leave behind is a valuable resource for enforcement agencies. Exploring key takeaways from a recent government analytics forum.

What happens when you give graduate students real world data?

Masters students are used to clean data - professors give them data sets that they can begin analyzing immediately. So what happens when actual, real-world data is placed in front of them? SAS Institute, Deloitte, and Scotiabank partnered with the Ivey Business School to do just that.

Predictive analytics could help narrow ‘tax gap’: Conference Board of Canada

It's hard to calculate exactly how much money Canada loses to tax evasion or misreporting, but data analytics could help prevent it.

3 business challenges faced when adopting big data analytics on an open source platform

SAS and Hortonworks discussed both the challenges of running big data analytics on Hadoop and the benefits it can yield at a Toronto event on Tuesday.

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