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MSE’s zeroing in on three key top technology priorities: Gartner

Security and risk management, application and integration strategies, and infrastructure and operations are the top three technology priorities for midsize enterprises (MSEs) in 2022,...

Why modern digital organizations need adaptive data and analytics governance

Responding to varying levels of uncertainty in today’s world requires speed and agility, and traditional approaches to data and analytics governance are becoming obsolete. A typical ‘one-size-fits-all,’ command-and-control-based IT governance capability has neither the scope nor the agility to meet the needs of digital business.

Building a cyber-secure future

As mitigating risk in the digital world becomes standard practice for industry, business and individuals, Canadian organizations are struggling to find people with digital skills.

7 top cybersecurity trends in 2022

The pandemic response has accelerated hybrid work and the digitalization of business processes in the cloud, both of which introduce new security challenges. These seven top cybersecurity trends will help security and risk management leaders evolve their roles to meet future challenges, and elevate standings within their organizations.

7 steps to undertaking a Privacy Impact Assessment

PIA regulatory requirements and recommended frameworks may vary by jurisdiction, industry, and the type and sensitivity of data processed. Despite these differences, the following seven steps should be incorporated into any PIA program.

The realities of “insider risk” and why you should care

By Jason Bero, Privacy, Risk and Compliance Officer, Microsoft Canada Long before the days I began my career in technology, I was a warehouse manager...

8 cybersecurity predictions for 2022 and beyond

Here are eight strategic cybersecurity predictions from Gartner analysts that security and risk management leaders can use to anticipate the changes that are on the horizon.

Six steps to securely work from anywhere

As most organizations consider their long-range plans for returning to the office or a hybrid of on-site and continued remote work, today’s new security perimeter is managing user identities virtually.

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