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Kazaa not to blame for users’ piracy, court rules

Software maker Kazaa BV can't be held liable for the copyright-infringing actions of users of its namesake file-sharing application, a Dutch appeals court ruled Thursday. The court decision marks a setback in the recording industry's battle against piracy.

Recording industry suing popular Napster progeny

Having successfully forced file-sharing rogue Napster Inc. into compliance with copyright laws, the Recording Industry Association of America Inc. (RIAA), along with the major Hollywood studios, is now launching attacks against popular file-swapping services MusicCity, KaZaA, Morpheus and Grokster, an RIAA representative confirmed Wednesday.

At Home in trouble

At Home Corp., a high-speed cable partner with Rogers, Cogeco and Shaw, will be in jeopardy if...

Judges reject Napster’s latest plea

A San Francisco appeals court has unanimously rejected a petition filed by Napster Inc. in which the controversial music distribution company sought a reexamination of an injunction handed down against it earlier this year.

Napster judge issues new injunction

Napster Inc. was granted a slight reprieve Monday, albeit in the form of an injunction from U.S. District Judge Marilyn Hall Patel.

Napster fires last written shot in court case

Controversial music distributor Napster Inc. fired off its last written salvo before it meets with the Recording...

Napster keeps rocking as injunction blocked

Napster Inc.'s CEO Hank Barry posted the following message to the company's Web site on July 28,...

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