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Canada’s retailers now have ‘one-stop’ platform to access up-to-date data

The Retail Council of Canada (RCC) today launched the Retail Pulse Dashboard, an initiative developed by KPMG Canada designed to allow Canadian retailers to...

Aussie Opposition hoses down retailers’ online GST campaign

Retailers want to lower the $1,000 threshold for tax exemption for out-of-country online purchases, but the Opposition is calling for the sector to become more competitive

Fake receipt program targets Amazon retailers

The program lets someone create a bogus receipt designed to get a refund. The scam relies entirely on social engineering, with the fraudster hoping a vendor will be tricked into thinking a product was sold

GS1 Canada Web portal to hasten product recall

The Toronto-based supply chain standards organization launches a national recall system so manufacturers can more quickly communicate directly with retailers to pull affected products off store shelves. WITH VIDEO

Miami hacker exploited ‘unlimited’ database vulnerabilities

A Toronto-based security expert said a robust application development lifecycle for electronic commerce systems would help ward off often-seen SQL injection attacks. Where the weakness lies in the development process and how that enables hackers to pose as database admins

Vista PC buyers to get ‘special deals’ on Windows 7 upgrade

Purchase a Vista-equipped PC before the launch of Windows 7 and you could get a special deal on Windows 7 upgrade, according to Microsoft

Interac: Magnetic stripes to be obsolete by 2015

With the Kitchener-Waterloo payment industry chip trial now complete, consumers and retailers must gear up for chip and PIN. Find out how merchants and consumers responded to the change

Hottest gadgets for summertime fun

Summer's here, and the time is right, for checking out the latest and greatest gadgets for outdoor enjoyment, fun, or productivity. Sit back, grab a cold one and view our choices for the best new tools for the summer season.

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