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Google rolls out Public DNS

The Web search company is now offering a domain naming system resolver service, design to let users surf more quickly. How it addresses DNS security concerns

Management Memo: The true IT pro

What differentiates the really good IT professional from the rest of the crowd? The qualities outlined here capture the essence of the true IT pro.

Call centre enhances customer service

First Technology Pty. Ltd.'s South Africa call centre has been upgraded, boosting customer service and enabling the independent ICT solutions provider to strengthen customer relationships, deliver new services and lower costs. This is according to Ronel Swart, First Technology's national call centre manager.

Culture Clash

When colleagues learn that my graduate degree is in anthropology rather than business or computer science, they're usually puzzled.

Web address dispute mechanism biased: study

The current arbitration system for resolving ownership disputes over Internet domain names appears biased in favour of the trademark owners, calling into question the legitimacy of the process, says a new study.

Net managers discover hidden cost of cabling

Randy Grein and Frank Rust each contained their network upgrades to the server room and wiring closet, a strategy that probably saved them each considerable money. Even though the cost of gigabit Ethernet-over-copper hardware has plummeted, there remains another potential expense that is often overlooked in upgrading: the existing cable plant.

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