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Mercedes-Benz adopts Microsoft Hololens 2 to fix cars faster

As cars become more intricate, so does their repair process. With so many instruments and components to deal with, dealerships sometimes aren’t equipped to...

Obama: Broadband, computers part of stimulus package

The President-Elect wants every American doctor and hospital to have electronic health records and plans to make public buildings more energy-efficient. Get the details on Obama

Astute asset mgt in Vancouver with geospatial software

With the 2010 Paralympics and Olympic Winter Games barely three years away, the City of Vancouver is banking on an automated infrastructure management system to coordinate the municipality

Sony settles two rootkit suits for $1.5M

Sony BMG Music Entertainment will pay US$1.5 million in penalties to settle lawsuits with two U.S. states over its controversial use of copy protection software.

Telus tends to tattered reputation

Telus Corp. says it has improved its service levels after a terrible 2003, but one industry observer wonders if past problems will plague the carrier's reputation.

Smoke on the monitor

IBM Corp. is voluntarily recalling about 56,000 monitors that have the potential to catch fire due to a faulty component on the monitors

Dell touts intelligent IT

Simple automated management: that sums up Dell Computer Corp.

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