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E-waste and digital transformation: what’s in it for us?

Have you ever decided to buy a computer or a smart phone based on the recycling policy of its manufacturer? E-waste is generated by both enterprises and individuals, and as we lay hands on more electronics, e-waste is set to grow. Personal behaviours and beliefs can shape demand and markets, and our personal digital transformation must include fighting e-waste.

Dell and HP India operations criticized for poor recycling programs

Part of HP and Dell's problem is that the market is slow in adopting recycling, say analysts

Harmonizing e-waste management

When most people throw away an old computer they leave it on their front lawn for the municipal waste disposal truck to pick up. And then they carry on with their normal lives. Ever wonder where all the thousands of defunct PC monitors, television sets, keyboards, VCRs and other electronic waste end up? How many of them are recycled and refurbished, and how many are disposed of? More importantly, how is it affecting the environment?

Dell e-waste program goes online

Armed with statistics from Environment Canada of more than 67,000 tons of electronic junk and 134 million unwanted computers and computer systems in Canada by 2005, Dell Canada Inc. recently launched a donation program for used computers in an effort to provide technology for schools and charities.

HP Canada introduces inkjet recycling program

Hewlett-Packard Canada Co. added an inkjet recycling program to its assortment of environmental services on Monday.

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