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SimulScribe joins Canadian voice-to-text push

A day after Rogers announces a service via SpinVox, a New York firm offers another option for transcribing messages into something you read rather than hear. IDC and Info-Tech get talking about the market potential


2001 was a year burdened with expectation that blossomed with ndisappointment

The speech

Wassup?" That phrase has insinuated itself into the consciousness of most North American TV viewers. Even if you

China leads the way in Microsoft voice interfaces

Voice-interface applications being developed at a Microsoft Corp. lab in Beijing may lead to an explosion of Internet use in the world's largest country and later find their way to customers around the world.

Speaking up

In Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home, Scotty, back on present-day earth, walks up to a...

Writing ViaVoice can be slow

Some may find speech a convenient way to dictate their messages, but for those who are busy,...

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