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RCMP, FBI part of global take-down of Genesis criminal market

119 people around the world have been arrested as a result of co-ordination action by 17 countries

Why call police after a cyber attack? Because they’re waiting for you

'Your tax dollars pay our salary' notes a member of a police cybercrime unit

Is a spy app collecting data from your phone?

Recent testimony to a Canadian federal government committee revealed that the RCMP has been using “on-device investigation tools” (ODITs), or spy apps, with judicial...

RCMP still interested in facial recognition software

Despite criticism that current facial recognition software is biased against people of colour, the RCMP is still interested in the technology, according to the...

RCMP: Spyware only used with court approval

At a parliamentary committee hearing the force admits spyware has been used since before 2012

Canadian police played a role in the arrest of suspects tied to ransomware gangs

The RCMP and Calgary police played a role in the investigation leading to the arrest last week in Romania of two people believed to...

RCMP to pay up to $1 million for AI solution to crack data encryption and passwords

Applicants have until December 16th to make submissions to the two-phase competition

RCMP use of Clearview AI facial recognition service violated Privacy Act, says report

The RCMP’s use of facial recognition technology to conduct hundreds of searches of a database compiled illegally by facial recognition software provider Clearview AI violated the federal Privacy Act, says Canada's privacy commissioner.

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