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Packets still rule when it comes to useful network traffic analysis

Savvius updates OmniPeek monitoring tool to support real-time analysis as packets become more useful to glean information

How to Recover From Virtualization Disasters

A former HP exec and an expert in VMware products looks at the challenges of disaster recovery and offers some perspective on what works and what doesn't in the data centre

EMC upgrades garner praise on ‘green’ benefits

Higher-capacity drives being added to most of the storage vendor's systems can be expected to consume 25 per cent less power, according to company estimates

EC raids Intel, PC makers in competition probe

Officials from the European Commission, the executive arm and antitrust watchdog of the European Union, raided the European offices of Intel Corp. and a number of PC manufacturers on Tuesday. Representatives of the Commission and of national competition authorities carried out on-site inspections of several Intel offices and of the offices of an undisclosed number of PC manufacturers.

CBL pops out painkiller for RAID arrays

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. has new software that it says chops downtime for companies dealing with broken RAID arrays, but one industry analyst wonders whether the technology can overcome certain hurdles.

Apple bites enterprise space

Apple Computer Corp. says it is breaking the mould when it comes to its enterprise server offerings

Apple Xserves up enterprise treats

In an effort to earn industry status as more than just an alternative to the PC, Apple Computer Corp. on Monday made a play for the enterprise and announced its first storage venture along with a new Xserve offering.

Sun to unveil low-end storage system

Sun Microsystems Inc. will announce new storage system later this week that brings some high-end features for protecting data to the low end of its storage line.

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