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BlackBerry QNX now in 175 million cars

BlackBerry QNX OS and platform now in 175 million cars.

BlackBerry introduces QNX platform for digital cockpits

BlackBerry Ltd. says it’s built the world’s first safety-certified digital cockpit that enables secure Android apps in the car.

BlackBerry CEO urges U.S. Senate to pass driverless car legislation

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has signed a letter addressed to members of the U.S. Senate, urging them to pass legislation that will be game...

BlackBerry’s bringing in more software and services revenue than ever, but still operating at a loss

BlackBerry Inc. is still technically losing money, but bringing in more revenue than ever from software and services - and more importantly, its customers are sticking around.

NVIDIA to build its AI self-driving platform on BlackBerry QNX

BlackBerry QNX has scored yet another huge autonomous vehicle partnership.

New BlackBerry product brings virtualization to your car

BlackBerry is partnering with a Japanese firm to bring its QNX Hypervisor to car cockpits of the future.

BlackBerry COO on the company’s dive into the automotive industry

You might not know it, but chances are there is some sort of BlackBerry software in your vehicle.

Ford’s self-driving car plan for 2021 doesn’t include a brake pedal

Ford's CEO says he has big plans for an autonomous fleet of cars that could see the wheel taken right out of human hands.

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