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Rewarding sharing in the enterprise space

Winners of AceTech Ontario's 2015 Leadership Initiative Awards were recognized not for the size of their company but the expertise they are able to share

Questions not included in the CIPS Ethics exam

In helping create the ethics questions for the test I learned a lot. Ready why

Can’t keep your top IT talent? Try people architecture

People architecture can help firms boost team and individual performance and enable IT professionals to set a defined career path

Wanted: Defenders of the public interest

The first imperative of the CIPS Code of Ethics is to protect the public interest and maintain integrity.  First among the eight principles of the...

Professionalism: Growing or in a downward spiral?

Professionalism is controversial but primarily only in ICT. Why? Medicine, Law, Accounting we accept it and it is codified. For Information Communication Technology (ICT), it...

Why you need big data ‘rock stars’

When Venugoppal Adooparambi, director of big data consulting firm Optum, was advising supermarket chain SuperValu Inc. on a data analysis system implementation among his...

Give slackers a kick in the pants

Staff members may need to sharpen a technical skill, develop a strategic skill, handle conflict better or communicate more effectively. Here's how to keep them on track

Spotlight on Marilyn Steinberg

Part 1 of InterGovWorld's Spotlight on Marilyn Steinberg, program manager for space awareness learning at the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Senior writer Lisa Williams spoke with Steinberg about her work as an educator, the exciting work the CSA is doing with students, and their innovative Tomatosphere Program.

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