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How to Shop Online Safely – Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving global e-commerce growth because of all the convenience that online shopping has to offer, but it has also given...

Ontario government seeking input from the public to improve privacy protections

The Ontario government is seeking public input concerning the collection, use and safeguarding of personal data online, to improve the province’s privacy protection laws,...

Biometrics Institute seeks smartcard privacy resolution

A plan to tackle privacy and security issues that continue to hamper the launch of the Australian Government's A$1.1 billion Access Card was released by the Biometrics Institute recently. The plan follows continuing parliamentary debate which has stalled the Access Card legislation with members of the Senate seeking additional privacy safeguards.

Privacy complaints reach record highs, says Ontario czar

The provincial government has reported record-breaking numbers of privacy complaints against health-care and public sector organizations last year. The high numbers, however, are likely due to the increasing volume of digital information being created today, rather than a shortcoming on the part of the government, says an analyst at IDC Canada.

Federal exec touts workplace privacy

Canada's privacy chief has expressed concern over the use of employee surveillance technologies, and urged organizations to "look beyond intrusive solutions" in dealing with information and corporate security issues.

Whois may become a Whowas

The Whois directory might be riddled with falsified contact information provided by irresponsible domain name owners who prefer to remain unreachable, but at least the listing is still a useful tool for easily and quickly making contact with the vast majority of Web site operators.

US threat to legislate e-privacy gets serious

A recent call by a US federal regulator to legislate Internet privacy protection has re-opened a controversial issue that had been dormant for a year.

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