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Quebec’s privacy bill 64: Is your business ready?

Certain provisions of the "An Act to modernize legislative provisions for the protection of personal information" (formerly known as Bill 64) will come into...

Avoid pitfalls of GDPR in Canada’s new privacy law, government told

With the government promising another attempt to update PIPEDA, the Canadian Marketing Association says GRPR isn't an ideal model

Breach notification reporting can be complicated without proper skills, tools

Reporting breaches under the Digital Privacy Act becomes complicated if a company doesn’t know when it was breached or how much data was touched by a bad actor

PIPEDA changes should prompt improved security stances and roadmap creation

The Digital Privacy Act has amended some aspects of Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), including introducing a new data breach notification requirement that is not yet in force

FBI vs. Apple: how legislation struggles to keep pace with technology

Suspended court case could still have legal ramifications in Canada, where investment in cloud and security technology is catching up to the U.S.

Canada can be a cloud leader thanks to PIPEDA

Shopping for a cloud service provider in the right jurisdiction is not taken lightly for many businesses who worry about data privacy. How PIPEDA gives Canada a competitive advantage over other countries

Card data at risk

As governments around the world step up efforts to protect citizens from the potentially devastating effects of payment card data theft, merchants are being asked to comply with a new security standard.

Global standard needed for privacy protection

Privacy experts from afar afield as the United Kingdom met with the Australian government this week to examine weaknesses in the Privacy Act which is currently under review.

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