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Privacy by Design to become an ISO standard next month

The standard, to be known as ISO 31700, can mesh with organizations that follow the ISO 2700 standard for IT security management

MapleSEC Diary, Day 2 – Building Resilience

These are my insights from the second day of Canada’s MapleSEC Cybersecurity conference. Jim Love, CIO for IT World Canada Building resilience was the theme...

How to modernize data privacy to put the personal back into personalization

By Penny Gillespie, Vice President, Analyst, Gartner Inc. If you were asked to hand over your email address in return for a free pizza or...

Smart cities need ‘heightened awareness’ of privacy, Ontario assistant privacy commissioner says

Internet of Things (IoT) technology is a reality that cities across the world are waking up to, and the proliferation of smart city projects...

Federal government launches consultations for national data strategy

Privacy experts applaud the greater attention on data privacy, but some wonder if there's really any hope of putting this genie back in the lamp.

Holding AI accountable: public leaders organize to ensure algorithms influencing government are ethical

As AI becomes more accessible and its impact on society grows, Canada's public policy leaders are organizing to make sure AI ethics are front and centre.

Hashtag Trending – IBM doesn’t want to see GDPR in the U.S.; Facebook suspends 200 apps for ‘data misuse’; Trump tweets support for ZTE

One of America’s largest tech companies is telling U.S. lawmakers it doesn’t want to see the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation matched on U.S. shores. Facebook aims to prevent another Cambridge Analytica by suspending 200 apps for potential data misuse. And Donald Trump tweets his support for Chinese smartphone maker ZTE.

Sidewalk Toronto commits to Privacy by Design principles amid citizen concerns

Torontonians at the Sidewalk Toronto roundtable meeting raised concerns about privacy as the smart city developer spoke about the principles that would guide its approach.

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