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Distributel acquires telecom provider Primus

Distributel acquires Primus from Fusion Connect for an undisclosed amount.

Only half of Canadian SMBs are using cloud technology: survey

Can cloud computing put small fry on a more even footing with their larger competitors? A report from Primus on the state of cloud computing among small businesses suggests so.

Primus sells BlackIron data centres to Rogers

After opening the division for business data centre services only six months ago Primus Canada finds a new owner

Primus offers Ethernet over copper in three cities

Primus Telecommunications Canada said Tuesday that its BEX service

How National Energy manages its WAN

Primus Telecommunications Canada Inc. provides a wide-area network by National Energy Equipment Inc. by reselling voice and data services from incumbent carriers and managing it from the data centre

Communities abandoned by CRTC, says commissioner

It isn't often a member of a CRTC panel issues a dissent. But a decision to deregulate the way incumbent phone companies deal with requests to expand local calling areas in many cities was called 'unfair' by one commissioner. Find out why

AT&T Canada sells two business units

AT&T Canada Corp. sold two of its subsidiary companies, Contour Telecom Inc. and Argos Telecom Inc. to YAK Communications (Canada) Inc. earlier this week.

Australia looks at unified phone and Internet numbers

A communications protocol which would provide users with a single number for both telephony and Internet services has sparked the release of a new discussion paper by the Australian Communications Authority.

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