Articles Related to power grid

Extortionists have hacked power plants: CIA

An intelligence analyst with one of the United States' biggest law enforcement agencies discloses recently declassified attacks at a security professionals' conference

Electrifying careers in the power sector

The power sector is not viewed as a sexy industry by most IT professionals. This and many other utilities, however, are planning the types of projects that make IT professionals salivate. And thanks to demographics, a large number of positions will be available in the near future.

Software failure cited in August blackout investigation

The task force responsible for investigating the cause of the Aug. 14 blackout that crippled most of the Northeast corridor of the U.S. and parts of Canada concluded that a software failure at FirstEnergy Corp. "may have contributed significantly" to the outage.

Dan McLean: Don’t look to IT for strategic edge, theorist asserts

The days of achieving strategic advantage through IT investment are gone. So says a recent Harvard Business Review article published in May.

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