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Samsung plans thin phone to battle Motorola Razr

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is planning to launch at least one thin cell phone later this year to battle Motorola Inc.'s Razr handset in international markets, a company executive said Wednesday.

Samsung develops 40-inch OLED prototype

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has developed what it says is the world's first organic light emitting diode (OLED) display that measures 40-inches across the diagonal. OLEDs have been viewed as a potential replacement for LCDs (liquid crystal displays) and PDPs (plasma display panels) in some applications for several years. They don't require a power-hungry backlight and so are viewed favorably for portable applications. Generally faster response rates of OLED screens means they are also being considered for use in televisions.

ITU ASIA : Mobile satellite broadcasting ready for launch

Companies in South Korea and Japan say they are ready to launch a new satellite broadcasting service in the next two months that can send video and audio directly to devices such as mobile telephones, handheld terminals and in-car receivers.

PalmSource eyes enterprise, device variety with new OS

PalmSource Inc. unveiled its latest handheld OS on Tuesday, adding a host of features for business users and support for different device types such as tablets and portable media players.

NEC to release desktop PC with 1GHz Crusoe chip

NEC Corp. will use Transmeta Corp.

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Graphics programs paint complex problems

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