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Use of illegal software in HK dropped by 2 per cent

An international report shows the city is making progress in checking software piracy. By contrast, in the Asia Pacific region software piracy went up


While global losses caused by software piracy increased by 15 per cent, in China the overall piracy rate has dropped significantly, according to a recent survey

Adjunct professor, department of philosophy, University of Toronto at Mississauga.

Canadian software makers say a recent global survey indicating piracy in the country is on the decline proves that beefing up intellectual property theft laws does help. But a adjunct professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, Elijah Dann, questioned whether the decline in piracy here could be attributed to tougher legislation or other factors.

Piracy drop will boost jobs, growth: study

A 10-point drop in the estimated 35 per cent global software piracy rate would create 2.4 million jobs and US$400 billion in economic growth over four years, according to a study released by a software trade group Thursday.

chairman of the Optical Media Board

Here's one downgrading the Philippines would welcome with open arms. Long suffering from the stigma attached to being a haven for intellectual property pirates, the Philippines is eagerly looking forward to an earlier audit by the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) that it hopes would lead to its removal from the list of countries with the highest piracy rates.

Rampant piracy impacts Philipino software sector

Despite the concerted efforts of several government agencies to curb the use of illegal software, the Philippines remains in the list of nations with the highest software piracy rates in the Asia-Pacific region.

CAAST, BSA collect from Ontario companies

Three Ontario-based companies on Tuesday settled with the Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft (CAAST) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA), agreeing to pay a combined total of more than $88,000 in damages.

Software piracy tough nut to crack in Canada

All but four provinces recorded a rise in theft rates, study finds

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