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Will Megaupload’s 28 petabytes of data be deleted?

Megaupload's hosting provider, Carpathia, wants to get rid of it, saying it costs US$9,000 a day to maintain

Microsoft sues U.K. retail chain for pirating Windows

The software giant claims Comet made $2.2M selling superfluous recovery discs to customers

Supporters defend U.S. online piracy bill

Sponsors of the controversial act say its needed to shut down Websites trafficking in billions of dollars in pirated material. Opponents, including Google, say legitimate sites might be punished

U.S. working with China on intellectual property rights

As ambassador meets with its officials China announces it will launch a new national campaign to crack down on piracy

U.S. government to crack down on piracy

A new White House report says the U.S. government will pressure other countries on IP enforcement

Cdn piracy rates dropping

Canada's software piracy rate decreased three percentage points from 36 per cent to 33 per cent in 2005, falling below the worldwide piracy rate, which remained stable at 35 per cent, according to the Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft (CAAST) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA).

Computer-use policies not clear for many workers: survey

In a Decima Research Inc. survey, 42 per cent of respondents said their companies never outlined corporate policies regarding software downloads, installations and using unlicensed apps on workplace PCs.

Forty per cent of software pirated

In what it called the

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