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Critical security updates for SAP, Siemens, Schneider Electric and a WordPress plugin

Security patches for products from four major companies were released this week, with calls for the updates to be installed as soon as possible. ...

Many still haven’t patched PHP vulnerability, say researchers

Surprised at the number of reported network breaches? Here's another reason why it's so common

Cloud computing underwhelms PHP developers

Developers still see it as the future, yet they think it is currently overhyped and vendor-driven

Amazon Web Services adds PHP development kit

The new kit should make it easier for users to develop PHP-based applications for its cloud, Amazon says

Zend offers PHP software packages

The new subscription-based model can help users who need more flexible application infrastructures

PHP developers can soon create Android apps

Spanish open source venture provides tools and documentation for PHP development for Google Android

HTML5 won

Flash can do things HTML cannot, said an Adobe exec. One Toronto Web designer expresses frustration over lack of Flash support in the iPhone and iPad

Combative affair with open source changing: Microsoft

At the Open Source Business Conference, an exec noted that while the relationship with open source has been contentious Microsoft relies on a diverse ecosystem that does include open source to satisfy customers

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