Articles Related to phishing attacks

AI expert says report findings proof onset of ‘Terminal AI’ has begun

A new report highlighting an escalating rise in phishing incidents since the launch of ChatGPT is the start of a cascade of events that...

Remcos Trojan back on Check Point’s top 10 list of global threats

Check Point Software Technologies’ Global Threat Index for February has seen Remcos Trojan return to the top 10 list for the first time since...

Newly Uncovered Phishing Attack Uses Weaponized Excel File

A new phishing campaign is targeting financial services workers by using links to download a 'weaponized' Excel document.

Wake up your employees: How to reduce cyber security risks with employee training

Enterprises need to wake up their employees to be more aware of the risks -- and be more vigilant in protecting data and the computing infrastructure

Five key takeaways from the 2016 ‘State of The Phish’ report

Phishing report reveals that developing a "culture of security awareness" is important in reducing risk

Redirect to SMB flaw affects all versions of Windows

Even the still-to-be-released Windows 10 OS may fall prey to this new technique of stealing login credentials

Obama beats McCain in spam-off

Spammers prefer Sen. Barack Obama over his rival Sen. John McCain by landslide numbers, a security researcher said Tuesday.

No more fake Yahoo mails from eBay, PayPal

Yahoo Mail has rolled out an e-mail authentication technology that will prevent spam from getting through its users inboxes. The initiative is being done in collaboration with eBay and PayPal

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