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The road to better outsourcing

Outsourcing expert and CIO Canada blogger Linda Tuck Chapman offers some sound advice around outsourcing goal setting and planning, and creating healthy buyer/seller relationships.

Redoing the outsourcing deal

Renegotiation of outsourcing deals in the Canadian market accounts for about 40% of Total Contract Value, according to recent figures from IDC.

TD shares lessons learned from outsourcing to HP

At the Global Sourcing Forum, Toronto Dominion

Outsourcing: Just say no?

Organizations unhappy with outsourcing might be tempted to repatriate the whole operation once their contract term expires. While insourcing can be an enticing option, it's not as easy as it seems. Compass America discusses the pros and cons of repatriation.

UHN, HP discover harmony

Outsourcing relationships often begin as small engagements that gradually grow into strategic parternships. A perfect example of this model is the teaming of Hewlett Packard (Canada) Co. with the Toronto-based University Health Network.

When Outsourcing Goes Off the Rails

Now that outsourcing has a track record to look at, we are better able to understand the dynamics of such relationships and learn how we can make them better. Amtrak

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