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Crowd-Sourcing: Bonzanza or Exploitation?

Have you heard the new term “crowd-sourcing”? At first I thought this was a call for movie extras! It’s actually a creative way to get...

Quicks Hits to Reduce Costs

Thepositive economic news is buoying our spirits and causing businessleaders to shift their attention back to 2009 goals and year-to-dateresults.  Shaking off fear and...

Offshoring – Understanding the Changing Landscape

Changes in the world economy are rippling through business andgovernment. From so-called bailouts to new regulatory oversight,offshoring is attracting even more attention as a...

Leadership Has Never Been More Important

Everyone knows that tempers are shorter and flare up much more quickly in stressful situations. Leaders are working under greater stress today than they were...

CEO edict: Pay attention to third party risk management

Turning on the news isn't much fun these days. Companies are failing, fraud abounds,

The Art and Science of Benchmarking

Many companies include the right to benchmark their contract as standard legal language in their outsourcing contracts, but few companies have invested in professional...

Fear is a wonderful motivator

No one really knows what will happen next. Financial markets experience

Financial markets “ripple effect” on the future of outsourcing

There is no doubt that this unprecedented financial services turmoil

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