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Outlook 2010 cheat sheet

Outlook 2010 main screen in MailWhile Outlook 2007 used the Ribbon interface in a few places, Outlook 2010 features the Ribbon throughout. Other noteworthy...

Microsoft yanks Outlook 2007 update

Within hours, users reported trouble with retrieving e-mail and major delays when switching folders. The company cited multiple problems, including connection and performance issues

‘Here you have’ e-mail worm spreads quickly

If you get a message from a colleague with

Mixed reactions to new Hotmail


Office 2010 beta debuts major features

Connectivity to social networking applications leads the improvements in Microsoft's upcoming productivity suite

Microsoft Outlook for Mac to combat new Apple OS

The company is replacing its Entourage e-mail client in favour of Microsoft Outlook. Find out why one analyst says the move was influenced by Apple

OPINION: The urge to verb up

Especially in the Web search market, companies are recognizing that success is about sharing, not guarding, the brand

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 beta shines

Exchange Server 2007 introduced unified messaging but at the cost of a whopping learning curve for administrators. Admins will have an easier go of it this time around with Exchange Server 2010

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