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Seneca College gets $50,000 grant to work on Eclipse WTP

Computer science students will get to contribute code to the open source Eclipse Web Tools Platform project. Why the open source approach recalls academia of days gone by

OpenLogic census to track enterprise open source

A U.S. firm offers a tool designed to scan enterprise IT environments for non-proprietary software and offer technology professionals a better way to measure use

ISO votes to reject Microsoft’s OOXML as standard

The software giant hoped to fast-track its Office-based document format through the International Organization for Standardization, but it doesn't get the necessary votes

Open source scaling app stack

The evangelism phase is over; analysts agree that open source no longer has to fight to be viewed as a sound option in corporate IT deployments. The next step, they say, is to widen open source

Microsoft meets most EC demands

Microsoft Corp. has sent a revised proposal to the European Commission for the terms under which it will license Windows protocols to competitors to comply with last year's antitrust ruling against the company, a Microsoft spokesman said Monday.

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