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BlueCat turns to open source collaboration to help customers automate infrastructure

Toronto-based BlueCat Networks is the latest example of a vendor that's made its business on proprietary software code, yet is dabbling more with open...

20 years into the movement, more than half of developers involved in open source

More than half of Canadian developers are actively participating in open source projects but there's a disconnect when it comes to companies and their...

IBM acquires Red Hat in ‘largest software acquisition ever’ for $34 billion [analysis]

IBM's acquisition of Red Hat is bound to shake up the cloud market, and it's using open source as a strategic asset.

IBM’s new bias detection software, democratizing AI

IBM says it can prevent bias in AI decision making with another software algorithm.

Enhancing your career through open source software

Bringing open source software skills to the enterprise can result in value by providing access to a wider swath of talent, more tools to solve business problems, and cost savings.

Seneca College gets $50,000 grant to work on Eclipse WTP

Computer science students will get to contribute code to the open source Eclipse Web Tools Platform project. Why the open source approach recalls academia of days gone by

Microsoft gives Apache cash to promote open source

Microsoft expands support for the open-source community by donating cash to the Apache Software Foundation

Adobe releases runtime code to Linux developers

An Ottawa developer says the ability to use Adobe Integrated Runtime and technologies like Flash and HTML is good for the casual developer. Find out how other Linux developers feel.

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