Articles Related to Open government

Ontario adopts new open government initiatives

Ontario has implemented three new initiatives that it says will strengthen transparency, increase public engagement and boost accessibility across government.

Children’s Aid computer network upgrade faces delay

The $122 million centralized computer system will not be ready until the 2019-2020 fiscal year

Is Canada’s open government program open enough?

Canada's access to information system is broken, according to Michael Geist

Ontario’s new computer system ‘a total mess’: Union

Government was warned months ago about potential problems with new Social Assistance Management System

How Dutch bureaucrats created a national intranet

Using open software, public servants created a platform for collaborating with colleagues at all levels

Ontario data centre shutdown will save $20 million, province says

Most apps and data to move to the cloud; personal data will stay in-house

Enterprise insights from experts, part 2

A columnist interviews an IT official who has worked closely with sensitive U.S. government departments who talks about the challenges of Enterprise Architecture

Smaller smart city projects seen in 2014

Canadian municipalities outpace other smart cities in leveraging cloud technologies

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