Articles Related to networked devices

A network monitoring tool based on the Raspberry Pi

Low-cost standalone box enables network professionals and systems integrators to instantly monitor connected devices

Is dirty power cleaning you out?

Daily fluctuations from electrical equipment can cause cumulative power hazards, system and equipment breakdown, loss of productivity and tie-up IT personnel as well

NFC, Bluetooth groups band together

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group and Near Field Communication Forum have signed an agreement to work together for greater interoperability between the technologies they...

Intel working on wine-powered microprocessors

Will we soon be asking what vintage our computers are running on? In a demo at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco on Thursday,...

Ericsson, Gemalto use embedded SIMs for M2M

The two companies plan to simplify machine-to-machine management by using remotely controlled SIM cards

Networked devices vulnerable due to UPnP flaws

Vulnerabilities in the plug and play protocol can allow attackers to remotely control devices such as IP cameras, routers, printers and smart TVs, according to security researchers

PoE spec has global appeal

The idea behind the IEEE's Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard, which delivers in-line power to networked devices over unshielded twisted-pair cabling, isn't new.

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