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USMCA round-up: How it affects Canada’s tech sector

The new free trade agreement between Canada and the United States comes with some caveats that will affect the tech sector.

Let’s not sell digital short in NAFTA talks

Columnist David Crane argues that Canadain and American positions on digital are not aligned in the current NAFTA negotiations. He suggests at a time when the digital world is transforming - but with the implications and how to deal with them not well understood - it's not the thr time for accepting binding NAFTA rules that could close our options in the future.

How NAFTA negotiations could shake up Canada’s tech industry

3 tech policy areas that could be at stake in NAFTA negotiations beginning today.

Canadian tech market growth slows due to uncertainty in economy, Trump, says Forrester report

Canadian tech spending as a whole is up, but that hasn't translated to growth of the Canadian tech market, according to Forrester's 'The Canadian Tech Market Outlook for 2017 To 2018' report. 

What Donald Trump’s surprise election win means for Canada’s tech sector

A surprise win for Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential race sees Canada's free trade deal with its largest trading partner in doubt.

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