Articles Related to mobile malware

BlackBerry products vulnerable to FREAK attack

There's no workaround yet to the OpenSSL FREAK vulnerability, according to BlackBerry

CryptoLocker copycat holds Android data for ransom

Android malware SimpleLocker takes a page off the CryptoLocker playbook and holds mobile data for ransom. Here's how you can thwart it

First Android malware targeting PCs uncovered?

Security technicians from Kaspersky Labs say they have discovered an Android malware that attacks computers

Mobile malware will test Android and iPhone

A closed application market is not the best way to guard against mobile security threats. How Apple Inc. and Google Inc. differ in their respective approaches to iPhone and Android software developmentrn

Coming soon to Canada: Mobile hackers

McAfee warns of the increasing malware threat plaguing mobile devices around the world. Why Canada may still not be on mobile hackers

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