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Security-as-a-service is growing

IT managers may think they do not use software as a service or cloud computing when in fact they outsource their e-mail, anti-spam and anti-virus services. Find out why messaging security is suited for the cloud and why intrusion prevention and firewall functions should happen outside the gateway

Our growing security quagmire

Sure, smart phones and iPads may be cool, but when your handset has a video camera and your car

Cloud security: Root of trust

With cloud computing, you not only are vulnerable to attacks from the Internet or other tenants of your provider, but you have to trust your provider

Mobile malware will test Android and iPhone

A closed application market is not the best way to guard against mobile security threats. How Apple Inc. and Google Inc. differ in their respective approaches to iPhone and Android software developmentrn

Why long complex passwords may be less secure

Conventional password security rules were obsolete when the first keylogger was built. Consider multi-factor authentication and saving passwords in secure clipboards

Data leakage prevention going mainstream

Though most small companies surveyed have yet to install DLP, compliance requirements such as PCI are driving larger firms, especially in financial services, to buy the technology. Find out what Nemertes Research predicts

Iran’s data leakage problem

Its failed attempt to control images shows that data leakage is unstoppable in the hands of the many and security controls are useless in the hands of the few

Building a data center security architecture

Disparate systems, such as firewalls, IPS and SSL accelerators are being consolidated in subnet architectures.

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