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Canadian carriers pay big for mid-band 5G spectrum licenses

Fifteen Canadian mobile carriers collectively paid CA$8.91 billion for 1,495 mid-band 5G spectrum licenses, nearly three times the amount raised at the 600MHz spectrum auction in 2019.

CIK Telecom now offers mobile service in Canada

CIK Telecom opens its new carrier business in Canada.

Why Google Fi might not make it to Canada

Is something like Google Fi what the Canadian wireless market needs to foster competition?

Mobilicity-Wind faceoff in AWS-3 spectrum auction

Under new rules, new entrants get to bid on large block of AWS-3 spectrum

Regional carriers say wholesale roaming rates hurt their business

Wholesale roaming rate caps were meant to help new entrants but they also favour dominant players, according to regional carriers

Independent wireless, Internet providers grow market share: CRTC

New entrants manage to grow market share despite dominance of Canada's Big Three

Quebecor waiting for government regulation of roaming prices

Roaming rates are holding back Quebecor from making a play for position of fourth national wireless carrier

New iPhones tackle LTE roaming challenges

For many mobile carriers, offering LTE roaming to customers has its risks along with the potential rewards and so most businesses have been slow...

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