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Will Web3 disrupt our net zero transition?

The unique properties of Web3 and its applications, platforms, and assets have the potential to overcome some of the biggest challenges to global sustainability, and exciting new projects are demonstrating just how powerful Web3 could be for building a net zero future. 

Canadian spy agency watchdog can’t estimate how much metadata was wrongly shared

Slip, blamed on 'lack of due diligence' by the Communications Security Establishment, went on for years

Canadian privacy expert critical of spy agencies’ handling of metadata

Ann Cavoukian "distressed" metadata not completely scrubbed before being shared with allies

Encrypted messaging app aims to hide metadata project makes it possible to communicate via instant messaging without leaving a digital trail

Why metadata counts

A Web site's experiment with recording metadata shows how valuable it can be

What you learn from phone metadata

A university study shows that you can deduce a lot about an individual from the so-called neutral metadata

Obama curtails NSA’s phone snooping activities

U.S. response to NSA surveillance scandal is in stark contrast to reaction from Canadian government and local telecom firms, says privacy rights advocate, Michael Geist

HP releases version 2.0 of HAVEn

The latest iteration of HP's big data platform HAVEn comes with three new features including IDOL OnDEmand, an information platform that can be used for handling face detection,video movement detection and metadata.

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