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CRTC agrees to let Rogers buy Shaw’s broadcasting services

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has agreed to let Rogers buy Shaw's broadcasting services, with specified conditions and modifications. As a part of...

Nvidia terminates its $40 billion Arm acquisition

Nvidia has ended its pursuit to acquire Arm from SoftBank Group, according to a company statement.  “Though we won't be one company, we will partner...

Hashtag Trending – Fujifilm and Xerox merge, UK fines companies weak on cybersecurity, Suncor invests in autonomous trucks

Fujifilm and Xerox merge into an $18 billion dollar corporation, the UK government will fine companies millions of dollars for failing to protect against...

EMC merger with Dell to proceed

EMC shareholders vote "strongly" for US$60 billion dollar merger with Dell, pending regulatory approval

Does MySQL fit in a post-Sun world?

Oracle's control of the MySQL copyright could create new licensing headaches and bundling limits for customers. Things you should know if your organization relies on the open source database

Oracle-Sun merger foes head to China, Russia

MySQL separatists, led by MySQL founder Monty Widenius, address regulators in Russia and China as the European Union assent on the deal grows likely

Oracle-Sun merger didn

One expert argues the European Commission shouldn


Oracle's 10 promises to the European Commission will expire five years after the deal is completed, the company said

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