Articles Related to McCain

John McCain moves to block U.S. net neutrality

The new legislation would prohibit the U.S. telecom regulator from moving ahead with proposed regulations

OPINION: What Google could gain from an Obama White House

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says he's officially endorsing Obama and will join him at rallies and events over the coming days.

McCain protests YouTube’s removal of his campaign videos

In a letter to Google, the Republican campaign claims the videos do not violate copyright laws and are examples of fair use.

McCain sees red over YouTube’s removal of his campaign videos

U.S. presidential candidate accuses YouTube of acting to quickly on 'overreaching copyright claims'

Imagine if Barack Obama was CEO to your CIO

As the U.S. federal election heats up, Canadian IT managers might look to the superstar candidate as an example of the kind of senior executive they might want to work for

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