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Supply-chain redesign

Joe Neuhaus sometimes felt as if he were riding a whirlwind as the CTO of Prime Advantage, a business-to-business e-commerce marketplace provider in a sector experiencing one of the more spectacular flameouts of the tech downturn.

Playing The E-Markets

E-marketplaces, those online business-to-business exchanges that were supposed nto revolutionize the way companies sell and procure goods and manage their supply chains, took some tough hits after the Internet bubble burst last year.

B2B Marketplaces Frustrate Suppliers

Ariba and Commerce One are finally rolling out fixes to satisfy suppliers that use on-line B2B marketplaces, but the question is whether the efforts are too little, too late.

Vendors turn to helping suppliers get on-line

The balance has clearly swung to the sell-side of the business-to-business arena as vendors target once-ignored suppliers with solutions designed to ease their entry and performance in on-line marketplaces. Industry heavyweights are readying products and services that will help suppliers who have so far been slighted in the business-to-business (B2B) game. These solutions are designed to foster long-term relationships between buyers and sellers, rather than supporting e-marketplaces where sellers' profit margins are squeezed.

Figuring out the real costs of global trade on-line

One of e-commerce's saving graces is that it has faded the lines of international borders to help...

Some dispute FTC finding in B2B antitrust report

Executives at industry-backed business-to-business electronic marketplaces say they have little to fear from the U.S. Federal Trade...

Figuring out the real costs of global trade

Those who like to shop the world face increased uncertainty about exactly how much an item is going to cost once it gets to your door

IBM Global Services adds storage to portfolio

IBM Global Services will provide a network-delivered service for clients, allowing them to store data online on...

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