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Google Cloud Next keynote places spotlight on firm’s GenAI efforts

The arrival of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) advances will trigger the “most profound shift we will see in our lifetimes,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai...

Barracuda email gateways in US, Canadian government departments hit: Report

Report by Mandiant goes into detail about attacks on Barracuda Networks' ESG appliances

Hashtag Trending May 3- Quantum startups get creative while waiting for quantum computers to arrive; sites built on Salesforce Community leak private data; First...

Software engineers get the ball rolling as they wait for quantum computers to arrive, a number of public Salesforce sites leak private data and...

Cyber Security Today, Oct, 28, 2022 – A troubling employee security awareness survey, beware of so-called scanned email attachments and more

This episode reports on threats to Docker and Kubernetes containers, abuse by cryptominers of GitHub, and questions about the security awareness of employees

Cyber Security Today, Week in Review for Friday, Oct. 21, 2022

This episode features a discussion on a common mistake in using email, the risks of using real customer data when testing applications and the latest cyber incident statistics for Canada

How boards should talk to CISOs — and CISOs should talk to boards

Boards think cybersecurity is 'a dark mysterious art.' Blame infosec pros, says Google Cloud's CISO

Cyber Security Today, Oct. 19, 2022 – A warning from the NSA about nation-state attacks, and more

This episode reports on presentations at a Mandiant conference, data breaches in Australia and more

Google Cloud announces new security solutions

Google Cloud is extending its cybersecurity portfolio, and put its recent acquisition of cybersecurity company, Mandiant at the forefront of its security announcements at...

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