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HP says IT pros need own social network

48Upper comes with its own "manifesto," which says this about IT pros: "We have lived with the stereotype of being introverted, pessimistic loners for too long."rn

Wikis more effective for collaboration, community says

E-mail doesn't scale and is inefficient for teamwork, yet its use as a collaborative tool is still pervasive. Plus, how many hours of thought went into Wikipedia?

Tour business makes content journey

A Toronto-based travel company has tapped into a content management system that gives non-technical people greater flexibility when making changes to the company Web site.

Collections of data

We often hear the terms database, data warehouse and data mart, but the differences among them aren

Vignette manages content

In an interview Vignette Corp. CEO Greg Peters and senior vice-president and general manager for strategy and technology Bill Daniel talk about the strategic role content management plays in unifying data assets across the enterprise.

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