Articles Related to malware threats

The risks of playing Pokémon Go: How to be safe online and offline

Pokémon Go creates risk in the cyber world and in the real world. Here's how to protect yourself

Researchers to CIOs: Patch your BIOS to avoid new attack

The LightEater attack could compromise your systems at unprecedented levels

Antivirus firm Panda Security flags itself as malware

It's not an isolated incident. Antivirus solutions from the likes of Kaspersky and Sophos have been victims of false-positive cases as well

Lenovo reels in Superfish over security issues

Pre-loaded software installed on laptops could allow attackers to steal users’ encrypted data

Researchers weaken Virut botnet

Virut botmasters are paid by other cyber criminals to load their own virus onto Virut-infected computers

Canada spared by Red October cyber spy ring?

A virulent cyber espionage network has attacked nations both large and small across the globe but apparently left Canada untouched, according to a report from Kaspersky Labs

Fortinet names top 6 network threats for 2013

Cross-platform botnets, advance persistent threats and four other threats will create network security headaches in 2013

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