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Security experts at a Spanish antivirus firm early this week rushed to figure out how to fix a major blunder that resulted in its software identifying itself as a malware.

On March 11, Panda Security posted a tweet asking its users not to reboot their computers until the company has resolved the problem.

“We inform you that we have had an incident with our signature file that might have affected our Panda Cloud Office Protection and Retail 2015 customers,” the company said in an advisory posted on its web site. “This issue causes some files to be moved to the quarantine.”

By Thursday, Panda was able replace its signature file to prevent the situation from recurring.

The company also deployed a solution for all the affected products. Click here

Other antivirus solutions including those from the likes of Microsoft Kaspersky and Sophos have become victims of false-positive detection.

In their case, Google Search and Chrome identified their free antivirus software as malicious content.

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