Articles Related to malicious software

Has your iPhone been hacked?

10 years after the iPhone first hit the market, hackers have targeted the popular device. Here's how you can protect yourself.

University of Toronto researchers uncover Chinese computer spy network

GhostNet compromised ministries of foreign affairs, embassies, news media and the office of the Dalai Lama. How a Canadian team exposed the network

Red alert on Valentine e-cards

Cupid's arrows are the least of your worries these Valentine's Day, says security firm Sophos. According to their research at least 82 per cent of systems administrators find electronic greeting cards IT security risks

Peer-to-peer client uTorrent fixes serious vulnerability

The vulnerability can be exploited if a user downloads a bad torrent, which can cause stack overflow

Water system network leaked access to hackers

An infected laptop gave hackers access to computer systems at a Harrisburg, Pa., water treatment plant earlier this month.

Microsoft fixes Vista OS flaw

Microsoft Corp. has issued a patch for a preliminary version of its Vista OS for the same graphics-rendering problem that raised concerns about current versions of the Windows OS earlier this month.

Trojan horse creator held

London police have arrested two computer consultants who are believed to be part of an Israeli industrial espionage scandal in which malicious software was used to steal corporate secrets. The Metropolitan Police arrested Michael Haephrati, 41, and his wife Ruth Haephrati, 28, in London last week on allegations of computer hacking.

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